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BIM library

Our products are available in our BIM Object Library and can be downloaded for free.

ISO certification

Temal OY is ISO 9001 certified. The ISO 9001 quality certificate is a reliable certificate that proves that we conduct customer-oriented and systematic operations to continuously develop quality.

CE marking

Many products must be CE marked to be sold in the EEA. Temals CE-marked products show that they comply with EU safety, health and environmental standards.

Image Bank

Free use of images: The images in Temal’s image bank are intended for media, resellers, designers, architects, construction companies and other professionals. The images can also be used as editorial imagery in web publications. It is also permitted to use the images for teaching in the teacher’s own material and in student work. In connection with the image, the source should be specified as follows: ”Image: Temal Oy”. In these and corresponding cases, the image material in the image bank may be used for free.

  • Images may not be used without Temal’s permission
  • as illustrations in taxed publications
  • as general illustration on web pages
  • in the same context without Temal Oy’s special consent

In unclear cases, always contact us before using images.

About Temal

Temal is a Finnish-swede owned family company that manufactures furniture for bathroom, laundry, kitchen and storage in their own factories in Nakkila and Järvenpää. Headquarters, showroom and concept store are located in Helsinki. Office and showroom is also available in Stockholm. Temal currently has about 60 employees. Business activities are conducted in Finland, Sweden and Norway. The company is owned 100% by the Finnish-swede family Höglund.

We manufacture our furniture with an innovative method that allows them to be available in 5 centimeters intervals, both in width and depth. The core of our enameled sinks is made of steel, which provides a higher durability than traditional crockery. All our furniture is also made of impregnated, moisture-proofed bodies. This means that we can provide our customers with 10-year quality guarantee.

In Finland, Temal is the market leading bathroom supplier in the consumer market. In Sweden, Temal has close to 200 individual and chain-connected retailers. Temal is Sweden’s contract supplier to K-Rauta, Bauhaus, Golvkedjan, Bad o Värme and Happy Homes.

We also work with professional clients ex. construction companies, property owners and managers, municipalities and county councils, housing associations, hotels and restaurants etc.

Why Temal

TAILOR-MADE! We offer Europe’s widest range of custom-made furniture for bathroom, kitchen, laundry and storage with 5 cm intervals in both depth and width. The freedom to choose measurements applies to all of our furniture areas: lower parts, upper parts, wash basins, cabinets and high cabinets.

CUSTOM MADE! We are a Finnish-owned family company and today belong to the few furniture manufacturers who produce the furniture themselves, in their own factories. With professional pride, great heart and commitment, we take overall responsibility for our furniture and for our delivery security.

MADE IN FINLAND! Made in Finland is something we are proud of. Our furniture and wash basins are manufactured by hand in our own factories in Järvenpää and Nakkila. Each furniture and washbasin is made to order and assembled according to customer requirements – safe, flexible and exclusive.

More advantages!

Our wash basins

  • Made by hand at our own factory in Finland
  • has a core of steel instead of clay as the core of porcelain
  • has a dirt-repellent surface that is easy to keep clean
  • is scratch resistant, durable and maintenance-free
  • are designed to protect the bodies from moisture
  • have hygienically elevated back edges

Our furniture

  • is manufactured at our own factory in Finland
  • is impregnated and moisture-proof
  • has large drawers with plenty of storage space
  • delivered ready assembled

Included in price

  • Shutters with self-closing closure
  • Boxes with self-adhesive sliding rails & 3D adjustment
  • Pop-Up bottom valve
  • Adjustable water trap, space saving
  • Anti-slip mat in all drawers
  • Mirror to all mirror cabinets
  • Free choice of handles among Temal standard handles
  • Free color selection among Temal’s standard colors
  • 10 year warranty

Smart option

  • Select for convenient electrical outlet inside the drawer for the hairdryer
  • Select for flexible drawer compartments, combine as required

Our production

MADE IN FINLAND! Made in Finland is something we are proud of. Our furniture and wash basin are manufactured by hand in our own factories in Järvenpää and Nakkila. Each furniture and washbasin is made to order and assembled according to customer requirements – safe, flexible and exclusive.

Family-owned company with roots in Finland

Temal is a Finnish-swede owned family company with roots extending until the 1920s. At our two plants in Träskända and Nakkila we manufacture furniture that is tailored with 5 cm intervals for bathrooms, utility rooms and kitchens.

Our business is characterized by the love of functional design. We believe in individual solutions and the freedom to create the life we dream about. We manufacture furniture that stands for modern, innovative design and tailor-made at 5cm intervals to suit your home – regardless of its size, shape or requirements.

Enamel factory in Järvenpää

Furniture factory in Nakkila



1920 – The manufacture of enameled products starts at Machine- and Bridge construction Aktiebolaget’s premises. As always, when a new production branch is started, you cant avoid running into certain problems. For example, machines that do not last.

1921 – Production is already in 106,000 vessels. The wood burning ovens are heated to a temperature of 700-800 degrees, so it’s easy to imagine the enormous wood consumption per year.

1923 – The products are in great use and it becomes necessary to modernize the ovens.


1938 — Machine and bridge construction Aktiebolag was purchased by Wärtsilä in the early 1930s, with the enamel production being transferred to Wärtsilä. The obsolete enamel factory becomes modernized to meet the demands of quality and technology.


1952 — Finland hosts the Olympic Games, and Wärtsilä’s enamel products are already so popular that annual production amounts to approximately 560,000 vessels.

1958 — Here is a small story about the enamel’s durability: enameled facade boards are delivered to Tapio Square in the Finnish garden town Hagalund. The same records remain today – 57 years later – and we delivered new enamel discs to the square aside from the old years 2013.


At the beginning of this decade, one begins to seriously invest in exports. From this time the Finelia series originally was designed by Seppo Mallat. The series is later supplemented by a water boiler designed by Heikki Orvola.


1972 — The market for leisure products is growing rapidly as Saturday becomes a holiday. Wärtsilä launches an enameled coal grill that establishes itself as a market leader.

1973 — Norwegian Katrineholm puts down its production of household medals, which means that Wärtsilä becomes the only company in the Nordic region to manufacture steel products of steel.

1972-1974 — Production is progressively moved from Helsinki to a new factory in Tränskända. There first opens an enamel department and a warehouse, later a pressing department and an office.

1977 — Enamel wash basin is delivered to the world’s fastest ship, the longest and largest car ferry under construction, Finnjet. Wash basins end up with the scrapping of Finnjet in 2008.


1981/1982 — The enamel factory in Tränskända is transferred to Hackman’s ownership. Enameled information signs are delivered to all stations at Helsinki Metro.


1994 – Temal Ab is founded. The Höglund family holds the majority stake of the shares and Oy Hackman Ab the minority share. Managing director is Boris Höglund.

1995 – Enamel operations are moved from rent rooms to their current location. A new enamel line is designed and put into service at the beginning of 1996.

1997 – The company’s operations are profitable and Oy Hackman Ab sells its minority share to the Höglund family, who now owns the company to 100%.

1998 – The development of Temal’s 5 cm concept begins. Furniture manufacturing is commenced and the product group’s turnover amounts to approximately 50,000 EUR.


2001 — Temals 5 cm concept proves to be a success. A plot is purchased to build a own furniture factory in Nakkila.

2002 – The new furniture factory in Nakkila will be put into service in September. The turnover for bathroom furniture amounts to approximately one million euros.

2003 – Product development based on the 5 cm concept continues while product range is being supplemented. In 2005, the company has approximately 3.4 million euros for bathroom furniture. The planning of an extension of the furniture factory in Nakkila begins.

2007 – In June, the company buys a property previously rented in the center of Träskända. The property has a plot of approximately 9,000 m² and office and production facilities of approximately 6 600 m². In November, the building of the Nakkila plant is being used and the furniture factory’s production facilities now comprise 2,600 m². In 2007, the company has about 5.5 million euros for bathroom furniture.


2010 — Temal extends its 5 cm concept to coarse kitchen and launches the Combi series in deep depths of 40-60 cm at 5 cm intervals, as well as washing machines corresponding to the depths. The third expansion of the factory in Nakkila is completed. The total area of ​​the plant is approximately 4,000 m2.

2011 – The five centimeter concept is spread to kitchen. A carefully planned and prepared generational change will be carried out at the end of the year, when Temal’s founder and CEO Boris Höglund will be chairman of the board and will transfer the operational activities to the following generation: CEO Harri Höglund and Deputy Managing Director Nina Zischka. The three-year renovation of the historic factory building in Järvenpää is completed. Temal is appointed to the entrepreneur of the year in Järvenpää.

2012 – The first year of the New Generation Management is a year of change in many ways: production organization is improved and job details are specified, costs cut, 5 cm concept concentrated, aesthetics take place alongside functionality and product design gained importance. You take the first steps towards internationalization in Denmark while looking for partners and subcontractors in Germany, Italy and England.

2013 – A hard-working year. The kitchen concept and the new enamel-based wash basins are developed and the concept development of the Temal Elements slabs begins. Sales in the Norwegian market are accelerating. Sales exceed EUR 9 million.

2014 – New bathroom series and solutions are introduced, the utility room furniture is revolutionized thanks to the new wider Combi series, kitchen furniture with 5 cm intervals in three different price groups launched in Norway and Temal Elements expanded to England.

2015 – In the heart of Helsinki, on Runebergsgatan 4, Temal acquires the 27-year-old Bathroom Center and opens the selected partner companies Oras, Pukkila, Sanka, Rej Design and Unidrain. The main target groups for Temal & Partners Bathroom Center are architects, designers, developers, builders and property managers.

2016 – Near Temal & Partners Bathroom Center opens Temal’s sister shop Temal & Partners Urban Living Store with complete exhibits for bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms. The concept includes Oras, DiaPol, Candy, Art4U and Decos.

2017 – Temal shifts once again. After 5 years, Harri Höglund leaves the CEO and becomes chairman of the board and vice president, still responsible for finance and production. Nina Zischka takes over the post as CEO in charge of sales and marketing. Temal’s management is completed 2016.11.01 with Niklas Estlander replacing Temal’s founder Boris Höglund in the board. Estlander becomes vice president with overall responsibility for the Scandinavian market.

Järvenpään Vuoden Yrittäjä 2011


From the love of functional design

Temal is characterized by the love of functional design. We believe in individual solutions and the freedom to create the life we ​​dream about. We manufacture furniture that stands for modern, innovative design and tailor-made at 5cm intervals to suit your home – regardless of its size, shape or requirements.

Design from Finland and the Key Flags

Finnish design is a term in itself – innovative, functional and delimited in a pleasant way. Abroad, Finnish design is described with the word sisu which stands for the Finnish willpower.

We work closely with the Finnish Labor Federation (Suomalaisen Tyon Liitto), especially in the Design of Finland brand. We strongly believe in the Finnish design and its future. Watch the video where Vice President Nina Zischka tells about her thoughts on Finnish design and the Design from Finland brand.

Cooperation with Finnish designers

We collaborate regularly with designers, architects and interior designers. We also organize Temal Design Master courses for interior designers and students.

Award-winning Shapes by Sebastian Jansson

The enamelled facade concept Shapes, which we developed in collaboration with designer Sebastian Jansson, was awarded the diploma Toimittajien Tusina in autumn 2014. Shapes is a new ecological and sustainable method for facade planning.

Designgalan Muoto

For several years, Temal has collaborated with Aller Media about the design of Muoto and has won the jury as award winning Finnish designers and products. See the pictures from the galaxy night in the gallery here, a video from the gala 2014 can be found here.

Temal had a prominent role in the beautiful galan that was taken from the 3.9.2014 Stage in Helsinki’s Old Student House: The rear wall of the main scene was provided with Sebastian Jansson’s impressive elementary wall Temal Shapes and two enamel-coated kitchen islets in the Vanha by Temal series brought a delight to the bar.