TEMAL BUILD – For Construction and Renovation

For both construction and renovation can Temal provide custom-made furniture for bathrooms, kitchens, washrooms, and storage. Because we manufacture our own furniture and due to our 5-cm concept, we can offer the most optimal solution to the vast majority of other construction projects.

It can, for example, be about customizing bathroom furniture to free up the floor space in a recently built student dorm, small urban-fit accommodations, or to provide a smart, functional furniture design when renovating existing older homes. Through our concept Temal & Partners we can also offer an appealing optional package for start-up construction and/or renovation such as tiles, shower enclosures, mixers, wet-room plastic, bathroom fittings etc.

Some of our reference customers are NCC, JM and YIT. Please contact us for any more information.

More advantages with TEMAL:

  • We are ISO 9001-certifide and our products are approved in building material assessment
  • Our BIM – object library can be downloaded for free and is functional in ArchiCAD and Revit-programming
Project concepts