Temal LIFE – For Care and Elderly Care

Slipping and falling account for a large proportion of accidents inside bathrooms among elderly people. With support rails as well as handrails from Temal, the risk of another incident is drastically reduced, and normal everyday life becomes easier and safer for our elders. While good lighting in the restroom is an important factor, did you know that a senior citizen actually might need up to 10 times more light than a younger adult to see properly? We provide cautious, safe lighting solutions for all your necessities.

We continuously develop new solutions for care and aging, such as our contrast water level indicators for people with memory-impairment and dementia, also our height adjustable washbasin for wheelchair users. The components that are included in enamel wash basins do not contain any toxic substances which in-turn makes the production environmentally friendly. In addition, the enamel is bactericidal, scratch resistant and easy to clean, thanks to the incredibly smooth surface.

Our clients are both municipal, county councils and private healthcare providers.

Contact us and we will tell you more about our support rails and handrails, safe lighting in bathroom environments, different choices of contrast colors in pools, as well as height adjustable wash basins.

More advantages with TEMAL:

  • We are ISO 9001-certifide and our products are approved in building material assessment
  • Our BIM – object library can be downloaded for free and is functional in ArchiCAD and Revit-programming
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