Temal PUBLIC – For Hotels, Restaurants, and Shops

The most important thing about a bathroom visit is that the room is clean, convenient and cozy. Temal customizes the bathrooms on ex. hotel or restaurant entirely according to the client’s need for design and functionality. With our enamel wash basin, the bathrooms are easily cleaned and can handle a hard, regular usage of many years. We also offer optimal, tailor-made storage solutions such as hall furniture to hotel.

More options with Temal: Create an optional unique design in the enamel on our laundry facilities such as company profile, slogan or photo-realistic images. Or choose any color in the wash basin. And because of our unique signature 5 cm concept, customize any dimensions of all our basins, drawers, countertops, high cabinets, storage furniture, mirrors and mirror cabinets.

Some of our hotel, restaurant and retail reference agencies are Bar Loose, Restaurant Bonses, Silja Serenad och Silja Symphony, Viking Mariella och Vikting Gabriella. Please contact us for more details.

More advantages with TEMAL:

  • We are ISO 9001-certifide and our products are approved in building material assessment
  • Our BIM – object library can be downloaded for free and is functional in ArchiCAD and Revit-programming
Project concepts